patPat Christodoulou, a native of Red Bank, NJ, attended Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire, followed by specialized training in personnel and employee counseling at NYU. She then utilized her interpersonal skills initially as a Training Coordinator at Chase (5 years) and then a Employee Relations Manager at Hearst Magazines (8 years).

During this time, she began staging her own homes and selling them furnished at premium prices. Pat realized that color, coordinated furniture and an innate talent could transform living spaces resulting in a more marketable product.

Accordingly, in 2006 she graduated with a 2-year Certificate in Interior Design. In 2010, she became a Certified Staging Professional (CSP) and a member of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA). Her firm, Stage and Sell specializes in personalized service with rapid turnaround time.

Several of her projects were featured in The NY Times including: 125 East 63rd St., On the Market Section (8/30/15), a carriage house on 165 East 73rd St., Property Of the Week (1/19/14) and 247 CPW chosen as Property and Sale of the Week (9/14/14).

Many of the apartments Pat has staged sell within weeks. Most recently, 11 Riverside Drive had a signed contract that led to sale in 3 weeks (5/18).  A brownstone at 174 East 70th Street sold within 9 days of staging (3/17).  Even in a difficult market, another brownstone at 154 East 70th Street sold in less than 3 months (5/18) and the apartment she staged at the Beresford sold just 36 hours after staging (3/17).  Another earlier project, a carriage house at 165 East 73rd St., also sold 3 weeks after staging (9/14).

As a result of this track record, Pat’s properties have appeared in The NY Times (see Press Section). Most recently, her project at 154 East 74th Street was featured in the July 2018 Issue of Quest Magazine in the Sizzling Summer Markets article on Page70. She was also quoted in the Times article,’City Quirk is Just Another Word for Asset’ (1/22/17) which included a picture of one of her stagings (click here for article). In addition, Pat was quoted in an earlier article by Michelle Higgins, NY Times, ‘Preparing Your Home for Sale, 9/16/16 (click here for article).

Pat’s design of a children’s room was featured in Bob Vila’s slideshow–‘Designers Reveal Their 10 IKEA Go-Tos’ (3/17). This article was picked up by msn.com.

Pat’s goal has always been to maximize the overall appearance of every property she stages. When she finishes, the owner can be sure that their home is totally ready for a quick sale.